Spring 2018

With the spring coming up very soon, I wanted to introduce you to some of our spring offerings.  As always, Mother Nature is in charge of when these blooms arrive, but I will give a general window for each one.  My hope is that everything will have survived this harsh winter.

Anemones:  These will being producing at the end of February into March.   This year I have:  1) black and white, 2) white with green eyes (single and double petals); 3) burgundy.

Ranunculus:  This year I was really excited to try all the new ranunculus that are out there.   I ordered Floret’s  Lemon, Champagne, and Pastel Ranunculus (20 each).  I also ordered Telecote ranunculus in pastel and merlot (bottom right).  I also purchased five varieties of Italian ranunculus.  They are in very small quantities, but I am excited to see how they produce to include more in 2019.  I got Pon Pon Igloo and Hermoine; Success Rio and Salmon, and Hanoi.   These begin in March through April.

Tulips:  Tulips are one of my favorites.  There are so many different styles and colors.   The main tulips I focused for resale in numbers over 25 include:  Parrots Apricot and Silver, single tulips Menton (peachy pink) and Queen of the Night (dark purple/maroon), double tulips Angelique (pink) and Charming Beauty (yellow/peach).  Additionally I have a good number of single tulips including Pink Impression, Mystic van Eijk, and Orange Emperor.   There are around a hundred other test tulips that I have less than 10 of each tulip available — check my Instagram or stop by the garden to see whats blooming for your event.   The tulips usually start March and taper off at the end of April.

Daffodils: Included this year:  Pink Charm, Replete, Slim Whitman, Ice King, Tahiti, Tete a Tete, and lastly Sir Winston Churchill & Bridal Crown (two of the most fragrant tulips).  These are early on the scene — late February to April.

Miscellaneous bulbs:  New to the garden this year I also added Snowdrops, Muscari, and Alliums (white /dark maroon).   The smaller Fritillarias — uva vulpis (maroon with yellow tips) and meleagris (checkerboard) should bloom between March and May.

Fruit Trees:  I also have peach trees which bloom in February a beautiful pink and some immature cherry trees that I hope will have blooms this year.  There is also a quince bush with reddish/orange blooms.

This is just an overview of the the bulbs and trees that will be blooming this spring.  There will additionally be spring seed grown flowers that I will update in another list.

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