Summer is already flying by and the full bounty of flowers is starting.  Late summer brings zinnias, celosia, cosmos, and the beginning of dahlias in the flower farm.  Its the perfect time to do a fun sampler of all the garden has to offer.  I got to do that this weekend for a ladies event at a local church in providing them with centerpieces for their event.   The vases are small squares, the perfect size to add to tables adding a touch of scent and a riot of colors.

Summer flowers for event

Summer blooms with dahlias and zinnias


One of the queens of summer is the Cafe Au Lait dahlia.  In this arrangement I decided to add interest using a flower known best in the 70s, Honesty (lunaria), that has been making a comeback.  It is sought after by designers for its unique glistening, translucent circles.

Cafe au Lait dahlia



Cafe Au Lait dahlia



Garden Grown Summer Flowers

Another favorite in the summertime is Zinnias.  The below photo displays the many different petal types: Oklahoma up top, Queen Red Lime in the middle, and  Benary Giant wine at the bottom.

Garden Grown Summer Flowers

Below this arrangement shows off a white cosmos, set among roses, dahlia, bronze fennel flowers, and eucalyptus.  Lisianthus and a sunflower can be seen in the bottom right.

Cosmos and other Summer Flowers

This is one of my favorite kinds of orders to fill because there is no set color scheme and all the beautiful bounty of the garden can be used showing off so many textures and colors. Little surprises in flowers your guests may have never seen, or that remind them of their childhood, create a special part to your day.

Summer Garden Grown flowers