The idea of making floral crowns came when my daughters started their photography business and started doing photo shoots with a local clothing boutique.  One day they came and asked if I could make them some for an upcoming bohemian themed shoot.  Through trial and error and lots of cuttings from the garden, I learned how to make floral crowns.  The crowns are a beautiful, though fleeting, accessory that gives something special to photos.  The crowns don’t last long and need to be made less than 24 hours before the wearer needs them if involving fresh flowers.  If using certain flowers, like baby’s breath, lavender, eucalyptus, and herbs, wreaths can last longer than 24 hours and can even dry to become a keepsake.  All the crowns are make on a base the is sizable to the wear’s head and/or orientation of how they want to wear it on their head — be it as a crown or more oriented as a headband.


The following photos are from my latest collaboration with You Make Me Shutter Photography and Chapter 2 Boutique.

Blossom and Branch Floral Crowns


Blossome and Branch Floral Crowns 2


Blossom and Branch Floral Crowns 3

For a recent senior photo shoot I made this crown using anemones and tulip from the garden.

Blossom and Branch Floral Crown

Another of Claire wearing the most popular Baby’s breath crown with a few carnations.  Photo by You Make Me Shutter Photography.

Blossom and Branch and You Make Me Shutter Photo Shoot