This summer I teamed up with You Make Me Shutter to do some Pups in Petals collaborations.  We wanted to do some photo shoots with puppies sporting the flowers — flower collars.

First is Luna, she is a 1 year old Morkie.  Her floral necklace is made up of herbs (sage, eucalyptus), fern, roses and zinnia.

Blossom and Branch NC

We tied Luna’s flowers on a white satin ribbon.

Blossom and Branch NC

Obviously, she is quite the little serious model.

Blossom and Branch NC Blossom and Branch NC Blossom and Branch NC All photos of Luna by You Make Me Shutter.

This next shot was taken as she was checked out her wardrobe.    Blossom and Branch NC

Next is Lulu, she is a Golden Retriever puppy.  Her flower collar was made on Jute with sage, feverfew, fern, roses, marigolds, and globe amaranth.

BLossom and Branch

A close up of Lulu’s flower collar.

IMG_2884 Blossom and Branch NC

Blossom and Branch NC

I had a great time working with You Make Me Shutter styling these puppies.  I hope to have a chance to do many more Pups in Petals Shoots. If you are interested in some floral collars for your dog, email me at the link at the top of the blog.